Servings Prep Time
    6people 20minutes
    Cook Time
    Servings Prep Time
    6people 20minutes
    Cook Time
    Шоколадный бисквит:
    • 4gr. eggs
    • 160gr. sugar
    • 80gr. milk(горячее молоко)
    • 40gr. butter
    • 120gr. wheat flour
    • 40gr. cocoa
    • 1,5tsp. baking powder
    • 1/4tsp. salt
    • 0,5gr. vanillin
    • 300gr. milk
    • 90gr. sugar
    • 35gr. cornstarch
    • 1pcs. eggs
    • 120gr. butter
    • 10gr. powdered sugar
    • 0,5gr. vanillin
    Для пропитки:
    • 100ml. milk
    • 1tbsp. powdered sugar
    • 50gr. butter
    • 2tbsp. sour cream
    • 2tbsp. cocoa
    • 1tbsp. sugar
    For the Sponge Cake
    1. Mix flour with cocoa and baking powder.
    2. Combine 4 eggs with sugar, vanillin and a pinch of salt.
    3. Mix everything with electric whisk.
    4. Whisk butter with milk. Boil this mixture.
    5. Add the flour, cocoa and baking powder to the pan with whisked eggs. Mix everything carefully.
    6. Add milk and butter.
    7. Cover cake tin with the parchment. Pour in the dough.
    8. Mix it with bamboo skewer to remove air from dough. Shake the tin and bake your sponge cake for 40 minutes at 170 С°.
    9. Take baking tin out of the oven and leave your cake to cool down. Remove it from cake tin.
    For the cream
    1. Mix an egg with sugar, cornstarch and milk.
    2. Heat this mixture, stirring constantly.
    3. Once it`s thick enough, remove the pan from oven and leave it to cool down.
    4. Mix butter with powdered sugar and vanillin.
    5. Combine it with the custard.
    6. Fill pastry bag with this cream.
    Assemble the cake
    1. Divide the sponge cake in 2 layers.
    2. Mix powdered sugar and milk.
    3. Sprinkle both layers with this mixture.
    4. Cover one of them with the thick layer of the cream.
    5. Mix butter with sugar, cocoa and sour cream. Cook the icing, stirring constantly.
    6. Pour it over your cake.
    7. Enjoy your meal.